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Film informatie

Uitleennr : M0001
Duur : 50 min
Taal : Engels
Ondertitels : Geen
Categorie : Studie-Cursus
Subcategorie : Messiaans

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Seven keys to Jewish life

Seven parts: The Sabbath. What is Kosher? Chanukah. The Shofar. Mezuzah. Tfilin. Tzedakah.

What is a shofar and why does the rams horn have special significance for Jews around the world What is a mezuzah, and why does it grace every Jewish doorway? This videotape gives you the answers, while adding a new dimension to the understanding of Jewish tradition. This video takes you to visit a scribe, a leatherworker, a family celebrating Shabbat and Chanukah, and puts you in touch with Jewish history through unforgettable photographs and paintings. Whenever prayers are recited, the next appears on the screen in transliteration and in English.